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PostSubject: spoilers I know of.....   spoilers I know of..... EmptyTue Jan 15, 2008 11:13 pm

GRAT from DRAGONEERS gave me permission to pull things off the dragoneers website for ours....THANK YOU GRAT!!

Short Blades Quest

Short Blades - Jeel.

This is, hands down, the simplest quest in the game. Talk to Captain Chugga (in the Pub in Jeel). He'll brag about his ship. Ask him if the ship is seaworthy, and he'll offer to tech you daggar combat. Agree. He will ask for 500gp. Drag 500gp on to him, and the rest is just watch-and-learn.

Large Blades Quest

Large Blades - Varg

Speak to Raglnak behind the Varg Bank, and say you have noticed the evils of the land as well. He will give you a practice sword, which you cannot unequip until you have completed the quest. You must now kill a snake, a kobold, and an orc.

Buy some healing potions, and head north of Hothbra. Snakes should cause little problem. Kobolds may be difficult, but the real problem is killing an orc. There are two strategies to this. One is to lure it between Hothbra's outer wall and the mountains along its north side and repeatedly attacking it until it dies. The other is to get a stronger player to help you weaken it so that you can kill it faster while they absorb its attacks.

After you've killed all three monsters, return to Raglnak. He will teach you what he knows of sword combat, and give you a sword as a gift (you also get to keep your practice sword, if you want to).

Axe Quest

Axes - Varg

Go between the Western town wall and the pub wall. Talk to Hungry Jack, and say you are looking for the axe master. He will tell you he has not seen him for some time, but that he can help you. Accept his quest, and he will give you an axe which you cannot remove until the quest is done.

Go out and kill any twenty monsters (it doesn't matter wether you kill bats or balrons, they all count the same. Weak monsters are probably best). When you've killed twenty monsters, you get 5,000 exp in axe combat. Return to Hungry Jack to get the rest of the experience and to unequip the axe, which you get to keep

Archery Quest

Archery - Lotor's Castle, Verthpool, Hothbra & Jeel

This is a quite long quest, so be prepared to put a few hours into it, particularly if your lumberjacking or milling skills are not very good.

In Lotor's Caslte, find the weapon shop (it's the first door on the south wall of the hallway leading right from the main hall). Once there, speak to Klaresh. Welcome him to Krythan, and ask about Parian. Then, ask him to tell you about Archery, and finally say you would like to become an archer. He will send you to find Giltroy, one of the finest bowcrafters on Krythan.

To find Giltroy, make your way to Vrethpool. Once there, go around so you're outside the east wall of the city. There is a secret wall leading to Giltroy's room here. Giltroy is not a nice person. If you ask him to make a bow right away, he won't be happy about it. Ask him why he's so mean. Ask him about his motherland, then ask him to tell you more. Tell him how much you dislike greed, and then you can ask him to make you a bow without getting thrown out on your ears.

Of course, greed-hating Giltroy isn't going make it a free ride. You need to get twelve planks. To do this, go to the Vrethpool provisioners, and buy a lumberjack axe and a saw. Use the axe on trees to try and get logs, and the saw on the logs to try to get planks. This can be a very time consuming process. Some hihger level carpenters will sell, or even give, you planks for this purpose, as well.

When you return with the planks, giltroy isn't done yet. Now, the bow just needs a blue gem. Buy one from the provisioner for 90gp, or kill ghosts or other monsters that drop them. Drop the gem on him, and you get 500 exp pool.

Of course, Giltroy isn't satisfied. He yells at you some more, and sends you to the north forest to get the blue silk thread of the northern blue silkworm. To get this, head up to Varg.

Once there, speak to Lyndsay, and ask for some blue string. You will get the string and 500 exp pool.

Return to Giltroy for the last time, and drop the string on him. Of course, after all that, he's too weak to string the bow, so you get the string back, and he gives you the Unstrung Giltroy Bow, along with 500 more exp pool. He tells you about a man in the city by the crypt, the city of joy, but he can't remember the name. Well, if you read the signs by all the towns, you'll know he means Jeel, so head there.

Once there, go to the stables, and talk to Sir Robin. Tell him you are looking for somebody to string the bow, and he'll do it for you. For finishing this leg of the quest, you get another 500 exp pool.

Return the bow to Klaresh. Talk to him, and tell him you have his gift. Drop the bow on him, and you'll recieve 6,000 exp towards your long bows skill.

Polearms Quest

Polearms - Jeel, Lotors Castle & Varg

Start from Jeel. Purchase a Cure Potion (the orange one, not the brown one), and head towards the teleporter that brought you from Silvest.

Just west of the teleporter is a small mountian with a cave. Enter the cave.

Follow the winding path around, dodging or killing skeletons and other weak monster (beware for the stronger termigon monsters, however). Once you find the other entrance, leave the cave and go north into the house.

Speak with the man here. He will tell you he has been poisoned by a snake (although, snakes in Dransik are not poisonous...). Drop the potion onto him, and recieve 1000 exp pool for assisting him. Ask him about the poles on the wall. If you wish to learn how to use these weapons, you'll have to gain the three marks from the leaders of Krythan.

Return through the cave to Jeel. In the government building, speak to the mayor for the first mark.

For the second mark, go to Varg. Directly opposite of the entrance, enter the government building here and speak to the mayor.

For the final mark, you must go to Lotors Castle and speak to none other than King Lotor himself.

With this, return, again, through the caves, and show the marks to our potion-stealing liar of a teacher and finish the quest.

Lumberjacking Quest

Lumberjacking - Hothbra & SE of New Kerloth

This quest is not difficult in-and-of itself, but is fairly annoying. The NPC, Mukk, quite often gets killed by the monsters in the woods. If he is not there, (He spawns near the southwest corner of the clearing) you will have to keep the skeletons and zombies at bay until he respawns.

Once this has happened, he will give you some firewood to take to his wife in Hothbra. Go there, and find Renn in the corridor in the outer wall's southern section. Talk to her, and you recieve 6000 exp pool. Renn will ask you to take her husband's lunch to him. Return to Mukk's clearing. You'll probably have to wait again, since Mukk's life expectancy is about thirty seconds. Talk to him again to finish the quest.

Mining Quest

Mining - New Kerloth & Lotors Castle Area

Starting in Korelth, I reccomend you put all of your belongings in the bank. This entire quest takes place in some of the most dangerous areas of Krythan.

Go to the Korelth pub, and go in the top-left door. There is a secret wall in the stove room on the south end of the building, and a trap door in this small room. Go down this to access the Flagate Mines. This area is often swarming with undead, so be careful. Head a short ways left, and take the corridor going down. You will come to a chamber that normally has no monsters (unless they just followed you down here), and a door. Go through the door and talk to Russell. Speak to him of his final battle. He will send you to dig ore from the sight of this battle, where he was blinded by an ettin.

Grab a pickaxe (if you don't have one of your own, buy one from the provisioner for 150gp) and head for Lotor's Castle. From the castle gates, head south, and find the pass between the two parallel mountain ranges. If you see many ettins and you can't fight them, lure them to their death at the guard's hands. Once you can get into Ettin Valley, proceed south through the valley and locate a ring of stones between the two mountain ranges. Mine an iron ore from this formation (you may want to build your digging skill a few levels elsewhere to get through this faster). You get a 2000 exp bonus to digging for finding this ore. Return to Russell with the ore, taking the same precautions as before, and get the rest of the quest experience. As a gift, Russell will also give you a new pickaxe.
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LoD Mom

Number of posts : 327
Age : 56
Location : Virginia
Registration date : 2008-01-14

Character sheet
AE Character(Main): lilwing

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PostSubject: book quests......   spoilers I know of..... EmptyTue Jan 15, 2008 11:15 pm

Again, thank you grat and the dragoneers....

Guild Quest
Guild Quest - Starting Out - Varg

The Guild Quest is an extremely difficult test of your determination. It will require you to solve five puzzels, go up against hordes of undead, hordes of minotaurs, ettins, and golems, and will even require a trip through Talazar's Island, known commonly as Hell (It is called Hell with good reason), all to find four books of leadership.

To get through the entire quest, you will need at least eight helpers to access the third book. Once the quest is finished, you still need to pay a 1/4 million gp to create a guild.

-=Starting the Quest=-

The quest starts in a cave near Varg. From the city, go east to the coast, and follow it a distance north. Southwest of the cemetary is a squarish valley. In the northwest corner of this valley is a cave. Enter this cave. The cave is not a great threat. Head a bit down, and take the path going to the left. At the end, go up a short distance and look for the secret entrance on the left wall. Go through and up the ladder to the Guild Ruins. Speak to the NPC here. Tell him you are seeking Holendar, the Guildmaster to start the quest

--Book One--

Book One - Jeel
Reward: 20,000 Epool

Your first destination is Jeel. Once there, go into the inn, and go to the bottom-left room (on ptp), or the top-right room (on beta). Speak to the man in the bed until he finally goes to sleep. Once he does, nudge him. Continue to do so at three or four second intervals. He will tell you a series of clues which you should memorize.

Talking to this guy can be even more agonizing than talking to Giltroy. If you nudge him too many times too fast, he will wake up and yell at you, and you will have to start all over again. The game will tell you when you've gotten all the information you need. Even though I'm telling you what to do, you do have to keep poking him until you get everything you need to know. This is a test of your patience.

Now, head east to the Krypt of Kargoth. From the entrance, go down through the two doors, and through the secret wall on the right side of the room you're in now.

Speaking to the NPC in Jeel triggers a large group of ghosts to spawn here, so you'll have to cut your way through them (It helps to bring a few friends). In this room, the NPC monster Kargoth sometimes spawns with his guard of Zombies. They don't move, but will attack if you come to close. (Note: A bug in monster AI on certain servers makes them kill themselves).

After cutting your way through Kargoth, find the secret wall on the north wall of this cave, which leads to another cave. Once in here, go right to the main north-south corridor. A ways south, paths branch off to each side. Take the first path east, and follow the top wall of it. Keep going, keeping your eyes peeled for Liches and Wraiths, which can ruin your day if you aren't a high level.

If you stick to the top wall as it twists around, you will eventually find a switch. Explore a bit to the south before throwing the switch, and locate the door. Make sure the area is clear of monsters that could slow you down.

Go back to the switch, and throw it. Run to the door quickly, and get through before it closes on you. Once inside, double click the chest to open the next door. Go through, and read the book you find, and recieve 20,000 exp pool. There is another switch on the wall that will allow you to get back out.

Leave the crypt, and return to the guild ruins to continue the quest.

-- Book Two --

Book Two - Hothbra
Reward: 30,000 Epool

This book is located in the back room of the potion shop in Hothbra. There is a trap door against the back wall. Go down this, and you'll be in a small cave. There is a blood fountain near a collapsed bridge. Click the fountain, and you'll be teleported to the other side of the bridge.

In here, watch out. The majority of the monsters here are skeletons, zombies, and skeleton warriors. Bring a strong weapon and good armor, and just slash your way through anything that's directly in your path. Don't waste time picking up what they drop. Your speed is at the test.

Once there, find the Wraith NPC. Speak to him about his leader Talazar (Don't tell him Talazar has turned to evil. This poor warrior died when Talazar was still a noble knight).

Once he sends you on your way, run to the door in the middle of the left vertical corridor, go in and click the fountain. Now, run to the door in the middle of the right vertical corridor, and click the fountain. Then, run to the door at the top-left and click the fountain. Run to the door at the bottom-left and click the fountain, then run to the bottom-right door, click the fountain, and go through the door nearby to find the 2nd book.

If you take too long to get between the fountains, you'll be sent to the spawn gate and will have to start over. You can extend the time you have by stopping and re-click the fountain you've already looked at if you don't think you'll make it to the correct room in time.

When you're done, run back to the Ruins to get the commission for the third book.

-- Book Three --

Book Three - Valley of Giants
Reward: 50,000 Epool

Under Developement on Spoiler of this Quest.

-- Book Four --

Book Four - Hell
Reward: 60,000 Epool

I hope you've been exersizing. Because you have got one hell of a run ahead of you now.

Head about directly south of Korelth to the coast of Krythan. There is a large penninsula with thieves, and then skeleton warriors as you get furthur down.

At the very end of the penninsula is a small building with a teleporter. Go through, and you'll be on Talazar's Island, commonly known as Hell. I hope you can kill demons... Or I hope your naked and can run. One way or the other, head south, and skirt to the west of the Minions of Talazar Stronghold.

Once you pass this building, and pass through the small valley, watch out. Strong monsters spawn here. Head to the west, and follow the mountains until you come a lava river, which you can actually walk over. Why, I don't know. Maybe everyone in Dransik is an experienced fire walker? It doesn't matter, you can't go into Talazar's Castle.

To the east of this river, find the cave entrance. Speak with the Hell Spawn you find, and he'll teleport you to the book area.

Once inside, you'll have to negotiate a maze. Do so by going right, down, up, left, up, right, down and finally .

Read the book, and return to the guild ruins. You're in the home stretch.

-- Book Five -- (also known as Find Holendar)

Final Quest - Abbey west of Parian
Finishing Quest - 2,000 Epool
Buying Deed - 100,000 Epool
Items needed: 250,000gp

From Parain, exit to the West, and follow the mountains to the West and slightly South to Emperium Abbey. Control-click the blood fountin on the island in the middle.

Talk to Father Gweedo, who tells you the fountain turned to blood when Talazar attacked. Find Bother Timmothy, who says you cannot see Holendar until it runs clean again. Speak to Brother James, and Brother Nicholas. Remember what Nicholas says, then go back and tell this to James.

Finally, talk to brother Timmothy, and he will teleport you to Holendar.

Now, talk to Holendar, and drop 250,000gp on him if you wish to purchase the deed.

Congratulations. You're a guild leader. Best of luck to you.

Pirate Revenge Quest

Pirate Revenge - Varg
Reward: 4,000 Epool and Coronation Tunic

Quest starts in Varg itself. Talk to Renzel, he will ask you to rid of some pirates. 5 people kidnapped x 8 fold = 40 pirates. There is no way to know how many you killed like prior quests that keeps updating you on how many you killed. After you have killed 40 pirates (keep running total kill around 50 to make sure) go back to Renzel, you will get 1500 epool.

Then he will give you a key to the locked door in the Crypt NE of Varg (same as the Scalo quest). Down on the bottom level there is a locked door and in there is an old seachest. Once you get in there and click the chest, you get Coronation Tunic. Your done.

Coronation Tunic (Icon at Left): +5 Con AND +25 Hp
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