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 New Leader of the Lords of Dransik

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New Leader of the Lords of Dransik Empty
PostSubject: New Leader of the Lords of Dransik   New Leader of the Lords of Dransik EmptyTue May 20, 2008 7:48 pm

Well as you all know me and Huk was Offline for a couple of months and offline leaders isnt very funny. It sucks. But sometimes you have to be Offline for whatever reasons the real life shows you, simple facts. Still sucks though.

LoD have had 4-5 leaders the past 2-3 years so that was never a problem before, with all leaders offline at the same time. A couple of months ago though both Iaello, Raziel and Dierdra dropped out pretty much at the same time. Leaving me and Huk alone.. We sorted out (allthough Huk did most of it) "yesterdays" problem then both of us got Offline almost at the same time.

Not good, to put it short.

So the past time me and Huk have been discussing the issue, reached the conclusion that we need another leader to help us out. After more discussion we figured that Worc would be a addition.

So... All put short, please welcome Worc as another Leader of the Lords of Dransik. Smile
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New Leader of the Lords of Dransik
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