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 the storm and the hero:part 2

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PostSubject: the storm and the hero:part 2   the storm and the hero:part 2 EmptyMon May 26, 2008 5:03 pm

chapter 2 the break in

I finally reached my apartment I see the maintenance crew out on the balcony fixing my railing to my porch. I think finally I could sit out side and not worry about falling over the edge and I don't need a hero or me falling to my doom.

I finally reach the door to my place and unlock it when I go in to my surprise my home was gone through nothing was taken but the place was trashed and some broken glass on the floor. I walked out side to ask the maintenance crew if they had seen anyone they said no and continued about there job. I was like wow this is kinda hard to believe that they had not noticed unless it happened right after I left.

I went around asking my neighbors if they had seen anyone in my apartment all had said no but a elderly women she said about 8:45 am this morning she seen a dark figure enter and not come out. I thought to myself ok the person did not come out he must have left out my porch door but he couldn't have that's a long way down to jump or even fall he had to still be in there. So I take my cautious butt back and slow walk room to room because my apartment was a 2 bedroom. I had to be careful now even though I was already in it once before.

I went back to the apartment and looked around and saw no one. I wondered why would anyone do something like this to me I have never really bugged any one and i am always willing to help someone when needed.

I decided to take a walk to clear my head, calm down and see the hero of the town once again sleeping this time when I awake him I tell him what has happened. He said he would keep a eye out with me have today and tomorrow off I probably won't do much tomorrow seen what happened to my stuff. I told him but if I do I will be walking it's a favorite of mine to do and it helps me think.

i contine mywalk when out of the blue I see a old school friend so I say hi as I pass and she stops and asks how have been. I said good and she told me about how she has 1 kid and has been looking for work in this town cause where she did live not much work was there. I told her my place was hiring and to put a application in. I would put a good word in for her

after the chat i went on my way back to my home to go to sleep and figure out who would have done that to me. When I reach my home I see the door open this time I knew I had not left it open and that someone was in there but who was the main question at hand? There is only one other person with a key and that is the maintenance man could it be that he is in there finishing up the rest of the railing from inside. but why ould he be there t this late hour?

So I carefully walk in to find someone going through my stuff again when I reach for the door he notice's me I turned around and began to run I manage to get to the stairs instead of the elevator this time because it would be faster. I take and run as fast as I can down the stairs yelling for help as im being chased. Where is the hero when he is need I think. I finally reach the bottom of the stairs and run out side and begin yelling for help again. I am still being chased down the road this time the man pulls out a weapon of some sort. I can't see it well cause im still running and as for him he is not far behind. I keep yelling then out of no where the hero shows up.

the hero comes outta nowhere and the guy is on the ground and the hero has helped me. He asked if I had any idea who this man was? When I told him no "he said" We will let the cops deal with him and for now I will stay with you out side your home to make sure nothing else happens. When asked by the cops if I knew what he was looking for and why he was there "I told them I have no idea" And as far as looking for something everything I own is mine so me and the hero walked to my home. I ask him when does he think the storm will end he says its hard to say it comes and goes as pleases never ending. the hero walked me back to my apartment so see all was well

we decide to watch the news and see that the man that was caught had escaped from prison and his inmate is still out there. All we knew was if he had been here where is his buddy? I had a hard time sleeping that night and as for our hero of the town and the storm slowly moving on its way I knew it would not be long before he left.

I woke up the next morning to find our hero still there. He asked me some questions and if I thought that the inmates buddy would show up? I told him if for some chance his buddy did not find what he was looking for yes the other inmate would probably be here they where buddies and in prison most prison inmates seem to have a thing about looking for stuff when they escape I told him. He said he would keep a eye out and see what he could do before the storm moved on. I said ok and we let it be at that I asked him if he wanted something to drink trying to be a good house guest and he said ok. I ask what would you like we have coffee, pop, bottled water or kool aid? he said a pop would be nice please and so I went and got it for him. He said thank you and that he had to go be on his way for a hero's job is never ending. I said ok and nice to meet you and he was on his way.

it has been a week with the storms not stopping "easing up yes" but they have not stopped the news said it was move slowly out of our area. I was hoping that the inmate would not come here for if the storm was gone with me not have a phone what would I do I could not yell again for help cause last time no one heard me. I was a scared and just hoped that this person would not come to my home. I had no idea what they was looking for nor was I wanting the other one to come but all I could think about was what would happen the guy that was caught had a knife.

I was told by the cops he was well known for mutilating his victims till he got what he wanted even it ment death. I told the cops I had only moved in a couple months back if the person there before me had something to do with them I had no idea. I don't know what they was looking for or why all I know is he had not right getting into my home when I was not there. I asked if I could see him they told me yes.

When I went to see him I ask why my home? i had only lived there a few months I told him so what ever he was looking for is not there all the stuff is mine. He said that they is something there and that when I moved in I had probably put the furniture on it. I asked him you mean its in the floor and he would not say any more. I left and walked home and thought if it was in the floor what could it be and why didn't the manager tell me about all this.

I wondered down the road thinking to my self as I didn't pay attention to anything other then the fact of what was going on. I went to the managers and asked them why they didn't tell me about the convict that had lived there or the fact that he was a murder and got what he wanted till they had died why didnít you tell me this stuff? And why did you just let it be knowing that some day something would happen might happen cause the guys that lived there was in prison? you could have told me this at least I would have been prepared for it if it did happen instead of not telling me and me freaking out. Now what I want done and need done as soon as possible I need a dead bolt put on my door and something on the back door before this happens again and if it does this time at least I know what I am getting my self into.

I went up to my home where I unlocked the door and then locked it behind me and went on to the porch and waited for time to pass till I fell asleep on my chair on the porch. I woke up and to my surprise I find myself in the living room couch. How I made it here I will never know but at least im still safe and able to see another day I thought to my self. I called my boss explained to him what was going on he understood and told me that with what was going on he would have no problem giving me a 2 week vacation till I got stuff settled and I thanked him hung up the phone.

I had left over pizza for breakfast yummy I thought to my self as I left the home to go for a walk. Once again I see our small town hero laying down sleeping this time I walked past him not even asking a single question for I knew it would not be long before he moved on his way the storm had eased up and the sun was out even though it was still raining and I saw a rainbow in the sky.

I walked to the police station to talk to the chief to find out if the other inmate had been caught he said no and I said thank you for the information and continued on my way.

I walked past my store and stopped in to talk to the manager and let him know what was still going on and keep him up-to-date on stuff. He said he would stop by on his way home and check up on me. I told him thank you but right now I have someone keeping a eye out and would call him if need. He said ok and to keep him updated to let me know if any more time was need of he said the top he could give is 3 weeks. By then I had hoped that it was over before then and that I could move on with my life. I walked out and continued on my way

i went to my old school friends home where I asked her if she had gotten the job and she said yes and that the manager called her in and asked her to pull doubles right now and she could not have known why. So I told her why she was the one pulling a double shift and she understood and that she wished me the best of luck. I told her thank you and that I had to go now.

I walked to my home and to my surprise what did I see my home broke into again and this time the other guy was there flipping the furniture. I slow walked away he had saw me and told me to stop. When I didn't he shot me in the shoulder I continued to run screaming for my life I ran out side and down the road where I had seen our town hero and woke him up he saw me bleeding and knew what was going on. He hid me and saw the guy and took him down they fought and eventually the guy had given up.

i had lost so much blood that by the time i woke up I found my self in the hospital and the chief standing there. When he told me that the guy was put away I told the chief what the other guy had said. He said by the time I'm out it will be gone

our town hero was even there along with my friend how does word get out so fast when someone is hurt our hero said he would not be here much longer for the storm is moving on and there is other towns for him to do work in "but to keep this in mind" When the next storm comes along. I can count on him to be back and this time he would stay where he is welcomed at "I had this smile" and told him good anytime a friend is in need or need to crash come to me. I am there and he left

after 3 days of being in the hospital i had left and the chief of police told me that what the man had been looking for was found and that I would have no more worries other then to write in a report what had happened and I did.

I went home and to my surprise I had a new floor and the guy was right it was under the flooring but what it was I will never know for I was not told. And as for our small town hero well I know he will be back because he said he would and finally my life is back to normal for a little while at least and I can return to work when I fully healed the doctor said so this little town by the beach side ocean had there excitement and so did I for at least a year till the next time comes and something else happens hopefully not involving me

as I laugh and lay down to go to sleep that night I see stars after 2 weeks and the storm has passed. I fall asleep on the couch and wake up the next day and all normal and the storm gone our hero has moved on to what and where I will not know till next time when the storm will come.

written by: Michelle R Moore
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PostSubject: Re: the storm and the hero:part 2   the storm and the hero:part 2 EmptyMon Jun 16, 2008 1:12 am

finished corrections on this part as well and hope all enjoys it
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PostSubject: Re: the storm and the hero:part 2   the storm and the hero:part 2 EmptySun Nov 23, 2008 4:29 pm

......nice story...grammer is a must Michelle but hell it's just us LOD members reading not bad lol!
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the storm and the hero:part 2
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