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 Why I am not on AE

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PostSubject: Why I am not on AE   Why I am not on AE EmptyWed Dec 24, 2008 12:58 am

Hey everyone!!! Merry Christmas to you all!!!

I had a fight with my Husband(actually he had one with me)I suppose I have been playing too often and not paying attention to him. So I won't be playing until after Christmas. Sorry everyone! I miss you all!! Laughing santa

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Why I am not on AE Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why I am not on AE   Why I am not on AE EmptyWed Dec 24, 2008 1:26 pm

Bleh... I had that convo with my Ex too countless of times. Razz Its hard to find a balance where you feel you play enough and he feel he gets enough attention, very hard. I tried to get her in game but she didnt even want to try it, hated AE because of all the hours I spent there. Best solution, in my opinion, would be if you both played. Wink

Doesnt he have a hobby he can do while you play? Play another game? Practice fencing? Make pots? Collect stamps? Im asking because what my Ex failed to see that where she had no problem spending time on Her hobby, there was a problem when I spent time on My hobby. Playing computer games. When she "was done", I should be done too. Now, that creates problems..

Anyhow.. If you want to talk or something, just give me a shout. Smile

And, have a Merry Christmas. Smile
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Why I am not on AE
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