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 Adventures in the Lords of Dransik

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PostSubject: Adventures in the Lords of Dransik   Adventures in the Lords of Dransik EmptyWed Feb 11, 2009 8:55 pm

This is DM typing on the behalf of FT. Im doing the typing to minimize the spelling errors.. As most of you know by know she got dyslexia and most of the times, swedish, is hard enough to spell.

So here we go:

"I woke up all sweaty but still cold as after a long night of dreams. Dreams of horror and pain. The horror and pains of others. Brave people. Brave men. Men destined for Glory.. In this dream a vision was given to me by Isos, the god of Light and all goodness. A vision I will now share to you, fellow Lords and Ladies of Dransik.

It all began with two young men, both Lords of Dransik and two men going up in life. Allthough still young they had developed their skills of magery and warriorship faster than most. Allmost as they was lead by one of the gods..

For many times they had tried to get the old grandmaster among the lords, the Dragonmaster, to tell them stories about his adventures of the past. For what they had heard about it so far it must have been glorious! But he only shook his head, everytime and muttered something about "young fools dont know what they are doing.." and went to sit by the fire. With a distance in his gaze that could only be read as deep wisdom..

Young and eager as they was, they set out to make adventures of their own. And here is my vision.."

Once upon a time in the desert south of Kahfra, to mighty men, a young wizard who had grown fast in his skills and a noble warrior, was slaying giant scorpions to gather hides for their mighty armor. The hides was hard as Titan..

They had been hunting for several weeks now and was exhausted so they decided to set camp behind the big Sfinx. When they got closer they heard loud breathings and decided to take a peek. On the other side of the Sfinx a giant and fierce dragon was slumbering. Looking at eachother with burning fear in their eyes they tried to go back when the dragon suddenly said:

-Lonely Whisper and Ignus could you help me please? Im so old and hungry, if you give me ten large hearts from the big caimans near Rahura I will reward you both well.

Staring at eachother, but now with their jaws dropped in the sand, they decided to help out the old dragon and accept the task. Noble in their hearts as they were.

As they had the old dragons fire licking the back of their necks they ran faster than ever before, not even taking a breath before they scrambled through the portal to Lotors summer place. Scared but excited they quickly dusted off their fine armor, noble men as they were and headed for the bank.

They gathered food and supplies and went back through the portal, this time to Rahura. Exiting the town to the east and following the riverbank they found what they was looking for. Big, no Huge, Caimans. With teeth longer than the sword of Lonely Whisper and a whipping tail more thick than the two men together.

Together they managed to kill the first Caiman but with big disapointment they realized that this was not going to be easy. After half a hour of battling they found out the Heart wasnt fine enough..

It didnt take one day nor two days. It took almost a week of constant fighting from sunrise to sunset before they had killed a hundred Caimans and had gathered the ten most fine hearts needed. They went back to the dragon and gave him the hearts.

In a blink of an eye they hearts were gone.

- Here you have my gift, one of my hairs. A most fine hair of a dragon. When you are wise enough you will have one of the finest items in the world and if you return to me with it I shall reward you once again.

Trembling on the voice Ignus replied

- Thank you Oh mighty dragon for the gift.

They bowed and returned to a tavern in Lotors summer place sharing a beer and pondering about what to do with the dragon hair..

To be continued..
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PostSubject: Re: Adventures in the Lords of Dransik   Adventures in the Lords of Dransik EmptyFri Jan 01, 2010 2:03 am

There is a sequel to this. But not in english, yet. FT thinks in swedish, as she is a swede, of course, so the story ends up beeing written in swedish. Of course. But it shows up to be very hard to actually translate it to english so it sounds as good as in swedish. Thats one of the reasons for the extremly long delay.

The biggest part of the delay is though, that both of us is to lazy to get thing done. Razz Im helping her with it, as she got dyslexia and typing in swedish is hard enough. So... Both of us. Is to lazy. Razz
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Adventures in the Lords of Dransik
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