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 Why is everyone Officers?

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Why is everyone Officers? Empty
PostSubject: Why is everyone Officers?   Why is everyone Officers? EmptyFri Mar 06, 2009 4:30 pm

Two days ago (sorry for the late News update, simply forgot it) we modified the door to the guild vault. When you modify a door to a "guild door" you get several different options. You can make the door a "Member door", "Officer door", "Captain door" or a "General door". What type of door decides which Rank gets through. As for an "Officer door" only Officers or members of higher rank gets through. When it comes to "Member door" anyone can get through, any member of the Guild that is. Recruits, soldiers and up.

So we modified the Guildvault door to an Officer door. Then we promoted all members but the Recruits to Officers. The result is that all members have acces to the Guildvault, that is all but the Recruits. Now... Why to we exclude the Recruits? Its a precaution. We have been robbed before, once big time. Guildmembers in specific have been robbed. We want to avoid this to happen again.

We do not intend to point fingers or raise suspicions against anyone by doing this, especially not against the Recruits we do have now. Its simply a system we did choose to follow, for the future. Sadly history have showed that sometimes a new member in particular cant be trusted as much as we thought we could, this is of course a mistake by us leaders that decided to recruit the person in question. Im just talking in general here now, over the years Ive made that mistake a few times.

By having this system, hopefully we will be able to prevent future similar mistakes simply because we will not promote the Recruit to Officer rank before we are really sure about the person in question. In general this will take 2-8 weeks. After the person is promoted, its our own fault if we get robbed again.. The leaders fault that is.

This does of course not mean that the Recruits are not allowed to use the items in the Vault, the other way around please feel free too! Its there to help all members. A Recruit just have to ask an Officer to fetch something. A bit irritating may be, but we dont want the Guildvault robbed..

By the way, do I need to mention that Officers do not have the permisson to tag new members without getting it clear from a Leader first? Wink
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Why is everyone Officers?
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