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 The raid for Krank Brut

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PostSubject: The raid for Krank Brut   Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:19 pm

Hi all,

yesterday we made such a great battle i decided it deserves a post.

It all started when I wanted to do a demon quest for dransik trading mercenary and decided to do it in Hell. So I've choosen a safe spawn place S and W of entrance. After killing a group of demons of all kind, finally my curiosity overcame me and I decided to see what's in the building to the east. The faction dungeon.

Proceeding slowly I disposed whatever hellish minions were waiting for me inside, reaching the stairs down, where i was attacked by creeping undead abominations. As they could not stop me, I was pulled west, to the scavenger caves. There I found their boss... Krank Brut. After trying him shortly, it was obvious I'm not a match for him alone and since nobody was available to help, I decided to leave.

I climbed the stairs up back to ground, but here I've met what I didn't really expect... Balrons welcome commitee... They cornered me. And slain...

After being restored at the spawn gate, I decided to undertake the way to restore my belongings, probably doomed to fail. And then Gurtachk arrived and joined me in the effort. Despite Hell Spawns swarming us, we proceeded and my backpack was restored. Then I told him of the boss underground and we decided to challenge him. We reached him quickly and put up a fight. But soon we realized that my healing isnt enough, and Gurts hits are too weak. Here Gurt died. For the 1st time. I escaped and started to clear the way for his return. It was a miracle how we restored Gurts belongings. Yet inhabitants of the caves didnt want to let us go free. It was so close, but finally we slain no less than three dozens of foes and escaped resigned.

Here arrived Worc. Another ally. This time we shall succeed. Once again we reached dark caves of plagued scavengers. The plan was plain and good. Me and Worc kept healing while Gurt was slashing Krank to pieces. But it went very slowly, so when we got situation under our control, we decided to deal more damage so I turned to attack. All went perfectly, Brut was ALMOST DEFEATED!...

But suddenly something went wrong.

Krank turned on me, dealing painful damage. Despite healing I wasnt able to sustain, so decided to run. There Gurth died. And Worc. I kept running scared, but undead turned on me again. This time I was stopped and pushed against a wall. Desparate, started to cast area spells. Despite killing several dozens of foes, I fell finally. And here the nightmare began.

To our help Ari and Skin rushed. Yet Skin was denied entrance to dungeon. All we tried to get inside, to recover our belongings. But it was a rush, unorganized, and we fell one by one, all of us. The demons inside dungeon banded together, stopping us at the entrance. Finally Gurt and Worc reached Krank's lair with Ari's assist, but it was too late. The sadness was huge, as for the Beheader and BotD were lost. Me myself only managed to carry the backpack a few steps further, slain by Balrons. We tried further to recover whatever possible, but it only resulted in more death. Only after all was lost, we abandoned. Defeated, regretful and ruined...

But we shall return and take our revenge.


ps. thanks to those who helped to fight and restore; Skin for the escort, weapons and runes; Ari for the execellent fight and sacrifice. Heads up! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The raid for Krank Brut   Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:53 am

Nice post Smile

It was fun even if we didnt kill Krank Brut, our goal. But we can do it and this time no more badluck!
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PostSubject: Re: The raid for Krank Brut   Sun Jul 05, 2009 12:03 pm

Very nice story to read allthough sad to read about all the losses.. Sad Ill help you out when I get back from my vacation.

Remember! There have been no real hunt unless you die atleast once. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: The raid for Krank Brut   Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:53 pm

Bah dat lil' Rodent gonna get wha comin' to him. Dat ding was almost dead, now we gotta go back an get him again. I say we all go dat can and tear dat lil' poison sack of dung beetle's to pieces and eat em!!!!

Didn't yeh know fried rodent beh good Evil or Very Mad
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PostSubject: Re: The raid for Krank Brut   

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The raid for Krank Brut
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