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 Old AE Screenshots

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Old AE Screenshots Empty
PostSubject: Old AE Screenshots   Old AE Screenshots EmptyFri Jul 31, 2009 1:38 pm

I mean, what oldskool player does not like old AE screenshots? I was lucky this 8 year old computer still worked, it contains a whole lot of AE history, with LoD included. I will post a few here, let everyone be reminded of the good old days. Smile

I must say though, unfortunately, the REAL oldskool shots are gone. I have none left of Dransik beta, so that's a shame. But at least these are old enough to be memorable Smile

Old AE Screenshots 16052r9

Hunting with Senjorite AKA Dark Lord and Buzz Fuzz AKA Tarzig.

Old AE Screenshots 2nb4xhi

Orc Reaver invasion!!!

Old AE Screenshots 2v3rfi1

Talazarian Reaver invasion!!!

Old AE Screenshots Adonee

Killing Meklor the Immovable in Valekar's Forest

Old AE Screenshots 2ms0yva

This is Raok's funeral. He was a great AE player, I even hunted with him once. This was quite unexpected... I didn't know him so well, but RIP Raok.

Old AE Screenshots 23sum8m

Trying to kill Unkea the Wicked in Valekar's Forest (3rd floor!), back then it was a little harder than it is now.

Old AE Screenshots 2rc6f0g

Killing Mack Mack's Guardian with a bunch of people. Unfortunately, Mack Mack wasn't home. Sad

Old AE Screenshots 2i6e3pk

About to kill Cirrus Proudblood!

Old AE Screenshots 2z84u2h

Carefully read this...this was truly amazing (and ridiculous too)

Old AE Screenshots 2nree5z

Arena Tournament, I forgot who hosted it though but it was fun!

Old AE Screenshots 4ic2fk

Mack Mack is here!

Old AE Screenshots 69kg9i

And so is General Thrakk. Die, orc!

Old AE Screenshots 4rz2iq

GM Ubique spawns monsters at the Chlera north exit! Aaaah!

Old AE Screenshots 33w8xp0

Ok, now it's getting serious...

Old AE Screenshots Bdozdc

Crystal Golems! Smile

Old AE Screenshots 205xdg1

Ghouls & Wyverns!

Old AE Screenshots Df7x8k

Victory! Nice lineup of people Smile

Old AE Screenshots K48s0

Bitten by a sire!

Old AE Screenshots 23vcj1f

I knew it all along! Us high lvl players have to pay for it! But we shall not give up...

Old AE Screenshots 2c11yr

This ettin seemed to be lost...and in a christmas mood, too! Only he's brown, not green.

Old AE Screenshots 2h53b5j

Chickens are invading TR! Oh, those damn chickens...

Old AE Screenshots 1h81ua

Another shot at artraxis. Smile

These were the screenshots I found post-worthy. I could've sworn I had some more laying around but I'll check that later. I believe I had some at the original AE forums as well but I don't know if they keep 3 year old posts...maybe in the archive? Oh well.
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Old AE Screenshots Empty
PostSubject: Re: Old AE Screenshots   Old AE Screenshots EmptySat Feb 12, 2011 1:02 pm

When I was checking this thread, the old ss brought me some memories. I even found myself there at Raok´s funeral. He was a friend, he did a lot for the game. Saveena is his son, he was/is in charge of Aewiki, still. Maybe. Maybe one day I take the trouble to look for old shots, I have thousands, even from Classic.
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Old AE Screenshots
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