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PostSubject: The Legends - Dragonmaster   The Legends - Dragonmaster EmptyFri Jan 01, 2010 3:10 am

Once upon a time there was a young man born and raised in a big town called Silvest. This was eons ago, long before the humans, the elfs and the orcs learned how to build boats and set sails. Long before the portal to the wast sand lands with never before seen enormous lizards and giants was discovered. Not even the cold snowlands or the bridge to the island of Werewolves had been explored yet. No.. This was when not much of the world was known and few had ever dared to venture into the dark and dangerous parts of Dransik. Tales had been told about an even bigger town than Silvest, called Parian... But most kept themselves to a small but well known island called Krythan. Silvest was the largest town on Krythan Island and the king was Lotor II.

Little is known about these times due to the lack of written chronicles, what is known have been told from generation to generation, from mouth to mouth. This is the tale of a mighty character called… The Dragonmaster.

*old seasoned man says*

-Now kids... Lets gather around the campfire and let me tell you about.......................

(this is my first time ever to write anything in the roleplaying style so have faith in me, if there are interests out there to hear more Ill make time to write it down. The subject will be as the..... Subject of the thread hints. Stories about the Dragonmaster. Beginning from when I first entered the world of Dransik)
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The Legends - Dragonmaster
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