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 Remake of the Survivors. Final cut

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PostSubject: Remake of the Survivors. Final cut   Remake of the Survivors. Final cut EmptyWed Jan 13, 2010 1:33 pm

The last seven years had been rough on everyone. Plague, war, disease, natural disasters happened all around the world. At first no one thought anything of it, but when the first bombs started to fall around the world things changed. Half the world population died over night in violence. The remaining people gathered together around the world and tried to pick up the pieces.
We were few in numbers, most succumbing to disease and starvation within the first month, we had all lost the skills our ancestors knew. That’s when things weird started to happen, people lost their humanity in part due to the chemical and biological warfare. They become animals, part human but with no aspect of humanity remaining and the animals became something even worse. Savage with no instincts left but to kill, they didn’t even look like their counter parts before the wars.
Jacob Sileto had gathered a few groups of survivors together and formed the Hospital. Which was an assortment of people and animals that had survived the mutation process and banned together for survival and mutual support, this is there story.

Jacob Sileto was twenty five, about six feet tall with brown eyes and black hair. He was a person that was well liked in his community, was always helping charities. When the first bomb fell it landed about ten miles from where he lived. Jacob heard the noise and ran outside just in time to see the dust cloud from the impact zone. The shock wave knocked him over. When he looked up he could see streaks from other missiles flying threw the sky. Then his world went black as a piece of the oak tree in his front yard slammed into his face.
When Jacob woke up it was night fall and his head hurt beyond belief. Part of the Oak tree was laying in on the ground next to him. When he looked up the sky was lit by many different fires throwing their smoke up to block out the stars. He ran inside and grabbed the telephone off the wall, it was dead not even a dial tone. “The power station must have been hit” Jake said as he flipped the light switch in the kitchen. Picking up his car keys off the table he ran outside.
Ash had started to trickle down from the sky coating everything in a layer of dust, like the first snow fall of the year.
His car a 2001 ford F150 pick up truck was parked in front of his house. A power line was down on the front end of the truck, from the looks of it though it had no power flowing to it. “Damn the power station really must be down” Jake picked up a branch and pushed the power line off the front of his truck. Climbing in Jake closed the door behind him and started up the truck. It turned over on the first try the headlights turning on automatically. What he saw in front of his truck would haunt him for the rest of his life, on the ground was the remains of a human torso. It’s arms and legs where gone, torn off from the looks of it. The part of the head that remained was that of a woman’s face, most of it had been burned off in some sort of explosion.
Jacob rolled down the window and vomited throwing up the last bit of his lunch from earlier in the day. After he wiped off his mouth, he put the truck into drive and drove around the poor women.
As his pickup gained speed Jake wondered what had happened. Had some country declared war on America and started bombing them, was it meteors that he had saw flying threw the sky. Swerving around downed tree’s Jake headed in to town, wondering all the while what had happened.

He turned right on to S. Stockton road and slammed on his brakes. Nothing was left of the town he had grown up in but a smoking crater. He had barely stopped his truck from plummeting down the embankment that dropped down nearly fifty feet in a sheer drop.
A look of shock crossed his face “What the hell.” His jaw dropped to the ground as he surveyed the destruction that had come to his small town.
“Help, please someone help us!” A child’s voice was screaming off to his left somewhere.
Jake took off running towards the child “Keep shouting I’m on my way.”
“We are over here” the child yelled again. “Mommy isn’t moving. Please help us!”
“Where are you” Jake shouted as he closed in on the shouting. Jake noticed, the remains of a farm house off on his left. The Miller’s Farm a sign said out front of the house painted in big blue letters. The child’s voice was coming from inside the rubble. Jacob started moving some of the rubble out of his way and went threw the front door.
The building was old he could tell that instantly, the floors where made of oak panel. Flames were starting to lick threw the walls of the building as Jake forced his way into the building. “Where are you” Jake shouted again, coughing as a bit of smoke got in his lungs.
“Downstairs. Please hurry. Mommy isn’t breathing anymore.” The child called, the voice was coming from the mouth of a young girl.
Jake hurried through the building looking for the stairs leading to basement. Near the back of the building, he found the door. It was barricaded, by a large cabinet the little ornimets scattered across the floor. “Hold on” Jake screamed as he pushed the cabinet to the side. An orange glow started to light the house behind him, the building was starting to burn even faster.
Jacob grabbed the handle and yelped as he burnt the palm of his hand. The handle had gotten hot from the growing flames. He took a step back and kick the door down, a flame burst blasted him back up against the wall.
As he stood up he noticed the fire burning on the basement ceiling. Jake ran down the stairs ducking the increasing heat. “Where are you?” Jake shouted as he looked through the smoke, chocking a bit.
On the floor next to the wall was the laid a young woman, next to her sat a little girl about nine years old. “Please help mommy” the little girl said.
Jake rushed over to them “It’s ok, little one” he said to the little girl as he knelt next to the woman. Checking the pulse he asked the girl “What’s your name?” He could feel the beating of the woman’s heart even though it was really slow.
“My name’s Ruby” the little girl answered.
“Well hello Ruby” Jake said “Your mom’s breathing, I need to know what happened to her, before I can move her out of the building.” He looked up at the fire spreading.
“She was looking out the window when the explosion happened. I asked her to go come down here with my so I could grab my Dollhouse.” She started to cry “And then there was a boom and the window’s shattered. Mommy cried out once, and fell down. She hasn’t moved sense then and I couldn’t get out of the basement to get help.”
Jake nodded his head, “Ok I’m going to lift your mommy up. When I do I want you to follow me up the stairs and out the front door. If something happens just keep running until you get outside. Don’t stop until you get to the other side of the road.”
Jake lifted up the mother very gentle, and headed towards the stairway Ruby right next to him. They ran up the stairs as quick as they could, when they got to the top of the stairs the front door had engulfed in flames. “Where is the back door?” Jake asked, Ruby.
Ruby grabbed Jake’s shirt, and lead him towards the other side of the house. As they rounded a corner there was the back door, Jake kicked the door handle and knocked the door open. “Outside” he said to Ruby as he waited for the little girl to exit the burning building.
They ran across the yard and out to the front yard as soon as they got there the house started to collapse. Jake set the young woman down and checked her pulse again. It was still beating. “Ok Ruby, I want you to stay here with your mom. I’m going to go get my truck. It’s parked right down the road there.” He pointed a few blocks away to his truck parked in the middle of the road in front of the edge of the crater. “I will be right back, Ok.”
Ruby nodded her head as Jake ran down the road again towards his truck. He got to it turned the key and backed up away from the edge. Turning down the road he parked the truck in front of the young woman. Jumping out of the truck he lifted the woman u p into the back of his truck. “Ok Ruby, get in here and sit next to your mom. My house, is just down the road there.”
Ruby climbed in the back of Jake’s truck, as he got back in the front. Turning the trunk around Jake slow went down the road he had just traveled less then twenty minutes ago, the burning building lighting the sky as they drove away. Turning back onto the road that he lived on the ash had barried his tire tracks from his recent trip down it.
Turning on the radio, Jake flipped the channels trying to find something on the radio. Static was on every FM channel he turned to, “Shit….” He muttered to himself. Changing the station to AM, he found an emergency broadcast station still transmitting. “Please stay in your homes.” The faceless voice said from the speakers, “Help is coming to the stricken area’s as soon as possible. Stay in your homes and put a white flag or sheet out the window to show that people are alive.”
“Area’s that have been affected include New York, Washington D.C., Las Angeles, Dallas, Las Vegas, Bismark, Ralleigh, Lincolon, and St. Louis. The projectiles are falling from space hitting random locations around the globe, reports have come in from London, Berlin, Moscow, and Isreali they same spectacle is being seen there.”
Some more static came over the speakers before the station came in again. “Ok new reports show that Detriot and most of Michigan have been hit. Alright more reports have just came in we have lost communication from the entire north east coast of North America.” The announcer paused for a few minutes “God help us all, one of the objects seems to be heading this way, I’m watching it plummet from the window. The sky is getting brighter as the object is getting closer.” Then the radio station went dead in a sudden explosion sound.
“Uh no” Jake sat their his foot slipping off the gas pedal slowing the truck down. Turning off the radio Jake pulled in his driveway, the torso of the young woman with the burnt face was gone. A blood trail led off into the woods to the north he couldn’t tell what had dragged the body away but it had to have been big to move the body.
He parked the truck in front of his house and jumped out running around the back to help Ruby get out of the truck bed. “Ruby what is your mom’s name?”
He climbed in the bed of the truck and check her pulse. The faint thumping of her heart could be barely felt, but still could be felt.
“Mommies name is Susan, is she going to be ok mister?” Ruby asked Jake as she looked up from the back of the truck.
“I don’t know Ruby, but I’m going to get her inside and out of this ash.” Jake said as he bent down and gentle picked up Susan’s limp body. He walked to the edge of the truck and lowered himself down to the ground. “Get the door Ruby” Jake said as he carried her mom up the front steps into his house.
Jacob laid Susan down on the couch “Sit down right there” Jake said pointing at a tan recliner near to Susan’s unconsious body nodding his head at Ruby. Checking Susan’s vitals again Jacob got up and went to the bathroom returning with a damp rag and a bucket of luke warm water.
“Here Ruby” Jake said as he handed the rag to the rag to the little blonde girl. “I’m going to go grab a blanket, do you want anything to eat?” Jake said over his shoulder as he walked into the hallway and opened the closet door.
Ruby shook her head as Jake walked back into the room. “No thank you mister. Is mommy going to be ok?” Ruby asked as she was drying off her mother’s forehead.
“I think so, I’m not a doctor though.” He laid the blanket over top of Susan and sat down in a chair on the other side of the room. “The phones are dead or I would call for help and there is nothing left of town.” He put his hands on his knees and leaned back into the chair with a sigh.
“Daddy had just gone into town when the windows broke out……” Ruby sentenced died off as she choked on a sob.
“I’m sure he is ok Ruby” Jacob said as he stood up from the chair and walked into the kitchen. “Would you like something to drink?” he said as he started the water facet.
“Yes, please” Ruby said from the living room.
Jacob poured their water and came back into the living room handing Ruby one of the glasses before taking a drink of his own. “She will be ok I think Ruby” he said as he took the glass away from his mouth. “I think it’s just a black out. It happened to me right after the explosion but I got hit in the head by a branch.” He rubbed his forehead where the branch had slammed into him.
Just as Jacob went to sit down Susan groaned and rolled over on her side her right hand coming up to place on her forehead.
“Mommy!” Ruby shouted as she jumped up and hugged her mom.
“Ruby” Susan said her voice cracking with thirst.
Jacob stood up and picked up Ruby’s glass of water. “Here drink some water” Jake said as he walked across the room and handed the glass to Susan.
She sat up a bit and took a drink from the glass. “Where are we? What happened to our house? Where is my Husband? What is going on?” She asked in a rush.
“For the first question you are at my house, my name is Jacob Sileto. I was knocked out during the blast and came to town as soon as I could.” Jake said as he went and sat back down in the chair so as not to intimidate her. “The town is gone. Nothing but a giant crater where it was at, your house was at the edge of the crater, I figure if you had been upstairs when it happened you both would have died. Anyways I heard your daughter screaming from down on Stockton and came running as fast as I could. Your house was burning when I got there and a china cabinet had fallen in front of the basement door. I got the two of you out of the house. You where knocked out so I brought you to my home.” He paused as he took a drink from his water glass. “As for your husband I have no clue. He wasn’t there when I got to your house and if he was in town like your daughter said then I’m sorry” Jake said his voice getting softer and softer dieing off in the end.
“I heard something on a Radio Station before it went dead.” Jacob shook his head, “She doesn’t need to hear about at that” he said nodding his head at Ruby.
“What happened?” Susan asked again.
“I don’t know, I saw some streaks across the sky then they hit the ground and one of them hit town. Nothing but a crater left now. They guy on the radio said they where hitting all around the globe. Last thing he said was we have just lost contact with the entire eastern seaboard of north America.” Jacob lowered his head into his hands which where braced on his knees.
“Your kidding right?” Susan asked skeptically?
Jake just shook his head.
The room got very silent quickly as the weight of what Jacob had just told her sank in. Susan face looked blank as she stared at Jacob. Looking at Ruby Susan hugged her close. “What do we do now?” Susan asked in a whisper.
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Remake of the Survivors. Final cut Empty
PostSubject: Re: Remake of the Survivors. Final cut   Remake of the Survivors. Final cut EmptyTue Feb 02, 2010 7:03 pm

Soon chapter 2 just give me a few more days
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Remake of the Survivors. Final cut
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