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 Changes to the ranks

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Changes to the ranks Empty
PostSubject: Changes to the ranks   Changes to the ranks EmptyTue Feb 23, 2010 10:16 pm

As you may have noticed we have been making a few changes to the ranks within the guild. Lots have been demoted from Officers to Soldiers. Why? Some may think.

We havent really been using the Soldier rank before now. Reason for that is in short becuase there is no "Soldier" door to use in the guild hall. We dont want fresh recruits in the vault. But there is no door that keeps Soldiers in but Recruits out. There is only three types of doors, Officer, Captain and General. All doors keep people of to low rank, out. So... The solution so far have been that everybody is Officers so everybody can get into the vault. Everybody but the Recruits. Problem with that is that Officers can recruit new members. It has been working fine so far, because our members havent really been recruiting anyone without permission. Buuuut..... We want to use the Soldier rank. Giving the Officer rank more value.

So, how to adress the problem we dont want Recruits within the vault? We make another vault. As of now we have one Soldier room, where everybody have acces. In that room we put stuff that can be and probably is, usefull, for everybody but the highlevels. Stuff that is easy replaced. Stuff we have lots of. Or stuff that we simply dont care if its lost or not, for whatever reason. We HAVE been robbed before. Two Agonswords for which Iaello paid for. When he still was active. When they still was expensive, really expensive.. In the Officer room we have stuff that we may not have lots of, stuff that is not as easily replaced, and so on.. You get my drift. In the Captains room we have, as before, stuff that maybe is of lots of value.

Everything in the guldhall is still for everyone in the guild of course. This can not be clearly enough said. If you as a Soldier need something from the Officer room, ask an Officer to fetch it for you. All Officers will do that for you. Only exception is if the Officer is really busy in a guildhunt and simply can not leave. How do you know if a sertain item is present in the Officer room? Well thats a hard nut to crack, a fault in the system if you will, there is no way. Ask, and we will check. Or temporarly promote you so you can check for yourself.

Who gets to be Soldier and who gets to be Officer then? As for now we have not yet figured out any clear rules or guidelines for that. The Soldier room isnt even 100% finnished yet.. The Officers now, is Officers because they have been in the guild for years. Upon years, sometimes. Proven since long that they simply deserve the Officer rank. We will not have a limited number of spots for Officers speaking of that. Its a rank that everybody can reach, within time.

As the Captains room works now, just ask if you need anything. The whole point of the guildvault is to store items other guildmates may have need for. Its not something for anyone to just watch. Items collecting dust is not usefull items. We want items to be usefull.

Any questions can be directed either to me (Im more active now), Huk, Worc or LW. Not to Iaello since he isnt currently active. Either here through posts on the forum, PMs, or in game.
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Changes to the ranks
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