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PostSubject: stories...   stories... EmptyTue Jan 15, 2008 3:16 am

**looks around for gurt** I WANNA STORIE **cries**
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PostSubject: Agon's Curse   stories... EmptyWed Jan 16, 2008 1:35 am

Agon's Curse.

Back Ions before the Rune War, when mankind was not even present apon the face of the world, there was and ancient race of evil creatures that lived in the bowls of the eart.

Their warrens spread for thousans of miles in the cave systems beneath the surface of the planet.

These creatures bore a resembalence to the modern day orc. Their skin was a pale white and their eyes had adjusted to seeing in the dark. They where a warlike race and conqured everything that was in there path. Many species where exterminated by these creatures.

For centuries these beings controlled the planet, being stronger and meaner then the species that lived apun the planet. Well as all things go they encountered a race of beings that where the ancestors of the commond day elves.

The creatures of the underworld called these beings the Warriors of Light and Life. Lead by there so called "False gods" these Warriors of Light and Life drove the Creatures of the Underworld back to there warrens.

The fighting was intense for many years. Eventualy the Warriors of Light and Life drove into the warrens of the underworld.

Finaly after most of the warrens where overwelmed Adregard a hero and warrior of Agon came to the High Priest, named Malenox, and beseeched him to send him to Agon so he could ask for aide. With a deep voice and spoken in words we wouldn't be able to understand today Adregard said "Send me into the great Darkness that I might tell Agon of our strife." Adregard demanded of Malenox.

After much thought Malenox said a prayer to the great lord Agon and accepted the sacrifice.

A great cermony was constructed for the occasion, giveing homage and obeisance to Agon the Mighty, Lord of Darkness.

Adregard was brough to the very front of the temple with the High Priest Malenox, and given every honor of a fallen champion.

At the Time of the sacrifice, the last of the Warrens where falling to the Warriors of Light and Life and the warriors of Agon where barely able to defend the last warren gaurding the temple.

Adregard kneeled down facing the worshippers of Agon, and Malenox, raised the Cermonial Skullcrusher and Smashed in Adregards head. Sending him to Agon to beseech his help in there greatest time of trouble.

Adregard's blessed skull was held in high honor, and within moments Agon answered there prayers. A deep booming voice could be heard echoing around in the temple "I welcome those who would give themselves to darkness and will aid you against the foul blasphemers. I am pleased with your sacrifice. I give to you a weapon with which you will go and fight the blasphemers." With a wave of his hand Adregard's body stood up, blood still dripping down from his crushed skull and walked out the temple to do battle with the Warriors of Light and Life.

The Warriors of Light and Life where unable to stop the Undead Adregard. Soon they where retreating away from the temple Warrens and fleeing towards the surface.

Malenox stood up infront of the worshippers of Agon. "Send your soul to the great Lord of the Night so that your body may defend our way of life." Malenox whiped the followers up to a frenzy and sacrificed many lives that night to the great Agon.

Soon the battle turned against the warriors of Light and Life, and they where fighting for there life.

Within twenty years the Warriors of Light and Life managed to sneak into the Warrens and kill off the Last of the Creatures of the Underworld but not before many many lives where lost.

The Walking bones around you are remains of those Most-honored ones,and we now add to our numbers any that stand in our path. All Glory to the name of the Almighty Agon, who brings us aid in our times of despair.

As written in the Book of Skulls.
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PostSubject: Rune Wars Chapter 1   stories... EmptyWed Jan 16, 2008 1:37 am

Ok time to take you on another time trip.

The Rune Warriors Saga.
Chapter 1

Imagine the world when all the major cities we knew of where nothing but tiny little hamilts. Back in the early years of The reign of King Lotor the 1st.

Parian in paticular was nothing more then a small hamlet out on the edges of civilization. The nearest town was atleast a 3 week travel. People that lived there had to be rough individuals more at home with the wilderness then with anything else.
The outcasts and woodsman of the area. One of the only thing that kept the creatures that lived in that un-tamed wildereness was the thing wooden palisade.

The location of Parian on the river made it a fine target for an invading force called the Rune Warriors.

One morning the citizens woke up to a riot of noises off in the distance. Horns and trumpets blaring the sound of millions of men marching across the ground woke the citizens of Parian up. They grabed there weapons and headed to the wall. What they saw when they got there the sun was just breaking the horizan and none could believe what they saw.

The ground all across the horizan was warriors as far as they could see in either direction. A huge force the likes no one had seen in a long time marched at the little hamlet.

The citizens felt dispare at the sight in front of them. They knew that there was no way they could withstand the force arraid before them. There walls where built more to keep wild animals out and the tame ones in.

A rider was sent out the back gate to King Lotor to tell him what was going on,the rest of the people grabbed weapons and went to the walls in what they knew was a fuitile atempt.

Within minutes the walls of Parian where breached and the Rune Warriors poured in by the hundreds. Not long after that the last of the citizens where killed and there heads stuck on pikes around the city walls. There bodies where feed to the beasts of war that the rune warriors brought with them.

Two weeks after the fall of Parian the rider arrived at King Lotor's castle, his horse was near dead of exahustion and he himself could barely stand up. The guards half escorted half carried the messanger into King Lotors throne room.

"My Lord" the rider said in a broken wheeze. "Parian was attacked last week by a force that stretched across the horizan. There was no time to flee the enemy and I was sent to warn you. Please M'Lord avenge my people." The rider said with what was left of his energy.

King Lotor stood up and called for some servents "Take this man to a room and feed him." He turned and faced the rider "We ride at once to avenge your town and meet this force that invades our lands." The King strood rapidly out of the throne room a calling his servents to summon his knights and the lords of the land.

Within the hour a force of nearly two hundred thousand left Lotors castle and headed towards Parian. Three weeks passed before the had Parian in there sights. Gone where the wooden walls of the city. In there place where thick stone walls that stretched twenty feet into the air.

King Lotor deployed his force to meet the enemy and ordered an immediate charge on the walls hoping to take them out by surpire and speed.

As King Lotor's forces charged at the city and thousand bow strings went off. The sky was immediatly filled with arrows that blocked out the sun. Hundreds of Lotors troops died as the arrows took there toll.

Lotors forces retreated out of arrow ranged dragging there dead back with them. King Lotor called an immediate war council of all the Knight leaders and Lords of the Land.
"What manor of enemy do we face" King Lotor demanded as soon as the where all present. "Did anyone get a look at the enemy we face?"

"No my Lord no one has seen what it is we face" Lord Talazar said. Talazar was a young Knight leader just turning twenty six that previous year. His skill in battle and leadership skills helped him rise threw the ranks quickly. Some said his natural magnetism made him a natural born leader.

"Talazar is correct" Lord Korgath said "None of the troops I have spoken to saw hide nor hair of our enemy."

"Ok then we launch an attack on Dawn tommorrow. This time I want sheilds walls and mandailins to lead the assault" King Lotor said as he paced the tent. "Tommorrow we fight gentle men go back to your troops and prepare for tommorrow's assault."

Lord Talazar and Korgath saluted and left the tent each heading back to there soldiers.

That morning came quickly and Lotors forces again charged the walls of Parian. The arrow storm came but the casulties where kept to a small amount. Soon Lotors forces scalled the walls and it looked like they where going to break into the city but the Rune Warriors released there magical assaults and bet back the attack.

The days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into a month and still nothing was accomplished. Thousands of dead litered the walls outside of Parian and as many where on the inside of the walls but neither side had the advantage. The only thing that survived right outside the walls of Parian where the carrion creatures who feasted every night.

Lotor called a war council and nearly half of the orginal group was there the rest had fallen outside the walls of Parian. Including Lotors brother Duke Bornhold.

As soon as the last one steped into the tent Talazar slamed his hand on to the table. "This has to stop M'Lord, our soldiers go into battle day after day never knowing if they are going to be the next to die. Moral is at an all time low and the men don't know where there next meal is going to come from" Talazar's voice rose in vollum with every word he said.

"I know this Talazar" Lotor said "Our supply route is being assaulted by forces we can't pin down and the enemy is tougher then we immagined." King Lotor lowered his head "What is it that you all sugest we should do. Retreating is not an option."

"Let me and go and challange there leaders to a duel, Let me fight them one on one and the winner gets the city and the loser leaves" Talazar all but screamed.

Lord Korgath stood up and put his hand on Talazar's shoulder. "Your bravery is unparalled Lort Talazar but let us not challenge them to a risk that should not be taken." Korgath turned to King Lotor "Send a messanger to the Soluri and ask them to come and aide us. After we fall there kingdom will be next they will know that and send aide."

King Lotor sat down in a chair and put his head in his hands. With a sigh he looked up "Ok this is what we will do. Lord Talazar I want you to take a force and go secure our Supply route, that is of the utmost importance. We need that food or we will be forced to withdraw soon." King Lotor looked at Korgath "You are to go to the Soluri and deilver the message personaly, You know there queen well enough to get her help. Meanwhile me and the Dukes will hold the front line and keep them penned in."

Lotor stood up, and poured himself a glass of wine. "The future of this Kingdom depends on this. You have your orders let us be about it" he said as he finished his drink.
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PostSubject: Rune Wars Chapter 2   stories... EmptyWed Jan 16, 2008 1:42 am

Rune Wars Saga.
Chapter 2

Lord Talazar stood up from the conference table that held most of the Dukes and Leaders of Lotor's Kinghts. "With your permision M'Lord" Talazar bowed to Lotor. "Me and my men will leave immediatly."

"Good Lord Talazar, may Isos be with you Lotor said from his seat of on the throne of portable heartwood. "Be safe" he whispered under his breath.

Lord Korgath stood up "I shall leave to, with your permission my King." Korgath bowed low to King Lotor who waved his hand in dismissial. Lord Korgath and Talazar turned and left the room together.

Lotor turned to the dukes "Back to your men, Tell them that Lord Talazar is going off to secure the supply route and Lord Korgath is going to ask aide of the Elves. All will be well." Lotor stood up and walked around the tent.

"We cannot allow any of these warriors out of the city. They must be contained here at all costs." King Lotor walked over to the entrance and looked at his men.

The soldiers tents where scattered around the walls of Parian with campfires scattered amongst the tents. His men where worn down and exhausted but the fate of the Kingdom depended on these brave souls.

King Lotor sighed as he spoted Talazar picking out fifty of his best men and preparing them to leave. On the other side of the camp he spotted Lord Korgath mounting his horse and speed out of the camp heading towards the Dark Woods as fast as his horse could take him.

Talazar looked over his assembled men and spoke "We ride tonight to bring food and weapons to our brethen outside this city. The enemy has gotten troops behind our lines and now raid our supply caravans." Talazar paused and took a breath. "This must be stopped at all costs. I have chosen you because your the best that we have and I only need the best to ride with me." Talazar said making the men puff up in pride.

"Let us ride for King and Country." Talazar shouted and the men picked up the shout before they road off down the road that lead back to Lotor's Castle.

For hours they traveled not seeing a single soul. The land seemed abnormaly quiet not even the song birds could be heard singing there beutifull songs.

Talazar stoped his horse and held up his hand bringing the column of warriors to a halt behind him. "What is it M'Lord" Talazars second said as he rode up next to him.

"Something doesn't seem right" Talazar said before unsheating his sword. He got dismounted his horse and looked at the ground in front of them. The tracks of a large party could be seen imbeded in the mud in the road.

"TO ARMS" Lord Talazar shouted seconds before a flight of arrows came out of the woods to either side of the road.

Before Talazar's second in command could repeat the order an arrow lodged tightly in his neck, his lifes blood seeping down the front of his shirt, with a look of shock he toppled from his horse dead.

Within moments Rune Warriors lead a large group of orcs out of the woods charging at the shocked Troops.

Talazar rallied his men around him with shouts and curses at the enemy that had surprised them. Within moments the men had formed a circle and where fighting for their lives.

Talazar's sword swung down cleaving threw the helmet of an orc and split it's skull in half while he blocked a spear thrust on his shield before disembowling the spear weilder.

Many of Talazars men had fallen in the first few hectic moments of fighting but soon straightened there lines and held there ground fighting with a renewed vigour.

It looked like Talazar and his men would win the fight when the Rune Warriors lead a pack of large beasts to the front. They had the bodies of bears and the heads of eagles.

Talazar's face turned ashen as he looked at the creatures move towards his men. He couldn't order a retreat because they where souronded. "Here me Oh Lord of the Light, we need aide" Talazar shouted a prayer to Isos.

The battle looked grim and many times the line broke and Talazar threw himself into the gap untill his men could rally around him once more and secure the line. Hours passed and Talazar's men where to the point of exhaustion. The enemies force had stoped coming out of the woods, but they where still outnumbered more then three to one.

Trumpets could be heard off in the distance calling the charge of Lotor's forces. When Talazar and his men heard the noise they braced themselves and launched a counter-attack on the enemy forcing them backwards.

From down the road the trumpet was heard again and a large group of sixty horsemen came flying down the road. From the looks of them they where nothing but common farmers and labores. They carred the tools of there trades, Pick axes, mallets and pitch fork and wore no armor. They slammed into the flank side of the enemy forces and fought there way to Talazar's command.

The Orc's seeing a fresh force and over half their number dead around them fled pass the Rune Warriors who laid about them with the whip trying to send them back into the fight.

When Talazar's men came charging over the dead bodies the Rune Warriors also turned and fled.

The Villagers rode up and stoped just short of Talazar's men. "We thank you" Talazar said as he pushed his way threw his men. "Without your aide we would have probaly ended up in an orc stew pot tonight."

"No problem" one of the villagers said from his horse. "we heard the sounds of battles at our village less then a mile away and came to help as soon as we could get enough of us together." The man was in his late fifties with his hair starting to dispaer "My name is Marlion of Yervon and you might be?" Marlion askd Talazar.

Talazar extended his hand in friendship "The name is Talazar Knight commander of the forces of King Lotor the First. Have you a place where we can rest up and tend to out wounded nearby?" Talazar asked.

"Aye that we do" Marlion singled his men to dismount and help King Lotor's forces.

Meanwhile Lord Korgath's Horse had chewed up many miles of ground as he sped to the Dark Woods to seek the aide of the Elves. Word of this invasion must reach them as soon as possible.

Shortly his horse reached the bridge over the battle plains. The signs of a large force could be seen in the area. "Please Isos let there not be another army of these things out there." Korgath said to hiself.

He kicked his horse into a run and raced towards the Dark Woods once again hoping to reach the lands of the elves he speed threw the night.

Off in the distance he could hear the sounds of a large force setting up camp. Korgath slowed his horse and dismounted. He tied the horse to a tree and snuck off towards the sounds in a croutch.

Ahead of him many Orcs sat around campfires lead by Rune Warriors. Thousands of Orcs where encamped near the foot of the mountains. "Oh Lord Isos this cannot be" He whispered to himself his heart sinking to his stomach.

He turned around and went back to his horse as quickly as possible. The elves had to be warned as soon as possible. All hope of the elves coming to aide his king was lost at that moment.

He kicked his horse into a gallop and once more speed into the night. The sounds of the enemy camp eventually vanished intot he night.

Early the next morning Korgath entered the Dark Woods, his horse near exhaustion and so was he.

No sooner then he had gone fifty feet then a band of elves appeared in front of him. "Halt" one of them said his voice having a magical quality to it.

"My name is Lord Korgath, Ambasador to King Lotor the First. I come on an important mission for my king. I need to speak to Queen Illiana immediatly" Korgath said his voice sounding more sure then he was.

"My appoligies" the elf said "there has been an increasing amount of Orc raiders in the woods recently" he said as in way of explanation.

"There will be more coming shortly" Korgath said as he dismounted his horse. "If you will lend me one of your horses i will reach Whisperdale before nightfall." He lead his horse up to the elves who exchanged his exhausted horse for a fresh one.

Quickly the elves exchanged horses with Korgath and sent two of there numbers to escort Korgath to Whisperdale.

Within hours Korgath and his escort reached the walls of Whisperdale. The walls where made of Quartz and reflected the setting sunlight in a mirriad of different colors. Over the walls he could see the twisting spires of the city extending up to the sky like teeth.

Korgath smiled to himself, the last time he was here he was a young lad. It had been many years since he had last scene Queen Illiana and he thought of the memories he had with her.

Back when Illiana was the princess of the Elves her and Korgath had a fling that lasted many years. Soon after he left Whisperdale her father had died and she became queen of the elves. The last time they had seen each other had been at the corantion cermony.

Korgath and his escort rode threw the town the elves staring at him in frank admiration. Korgath tried hard not to blush at all the attention lavished on him.

An elven maiden strode out of the crowd and handed Korgath a flower. "For you My Lord" she said a blush creeping across her cheeks.

"Thank you" Korgath said as he tucked the flower in his armor. "Whats your name Madam" Korgath asked sweetly.

"My name is Morgan Fey" she said as she disappered into the crowd.

Within minutes after the young elf maiden had given him the flower Korgath and his escort reached the palace. The doomed ceiling was covered in gold and silver latice which made the palace look like it was glowing.

Korgath and his Elven Hunter escort dismounted their horses and walked into the palace. The hallways in the palace where completly emptied and the sounds of a harp playing sorrowfull tune could be heard floating about.

Korgath headed towards the sound of the music which was coming from the Throne Room. As he opened the door the two elven hunters snaped to attention. Sitting in a chair playing the harp was Queen Illiana.
Her hair was strawberry blonde and hung down to the center of her back. Her pale skin and thin features had broken many hearts of the years.

"Hello M'Lady" Korgath said as he stared at his former lover in frank admiration a grin crossing his face. "It's been awhile since we last met."

"KORGATH!!!" Illiana shouted as she jumped to her feet. She rushed over and jumped into his arms giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"It's been a long time" Illiana whispered as she squezzed him. She looked down and noticed the flower in his armor "Still the Lady Killer I see" she said with a grin.

Korgath grinned back then his face turned serious. "I wish i came with more hearting news." Korgath's voice seemed to break the spell that had come between them.

"What is it" Illiana said her voice taking on the quality of that King's and Queen's had to learn early in their reign.

"King Lotor has sent me on a mission to seek aide from the Elves." Korgath took a deep breath, "I don't think you will be able to send any aide to my King though."

"On my way here i spotted a large army of Orcs lead by Rune Warriors heading towards your kingdom. They should be at the outskirts of your woods by early next morning." Korgath said imaging the lands of his youth in wartime. The thought made him shiver invoultanry.

"King Lotor's forces are engaged with a forgein enemy and has them trapped in the city of Parian, but he cannot throw him out and defeat them for lack of numbers." He looked at the floor.

"I see" Illiana said as she looked at the one of the elven hunters. "Summons General Oberon and Fergon and have them come here at their earliest conveince." Her tune of voice saying that they should get here immediatly.

The elven hunter snapped a salute and turned and left the room in search of the two generals.

"I thank you for Lord Korgath" she said as she turned and faced him. "I'm affraid you are correct we can not send aide to King Lotor is our lands are about to be invaded." She shook her head" what is known about these enemies."

"Well they stand about seven feet tall and have enslaved the orc race. Their armor and weapons have runes enscribed on them makiing them nearly unstobable." Lord Korgath said in complete frankness.

"King Lotor has barely managed to keep them penned up inside Parin but with many losses." he looked around the room imaging the place with the enemy in command of the place and shuddered.

"They command foul beasts the likes of which don't exist in our world and they use magics the likes of which we have never seen before." Korgath said staring into Illina's eyes.

"So what your saying is that a nearly unstopable force is poised at the edge of my kingdom preparing to invade?" Illina said as she looked at Korgaths face.

"Yes M'Lady, that is exactly what i'm saying" Korgath knodded.

"Well then I guess it's time to show you what the Soluri can do when threatened." Illiana said as she sat down in the Throne to await her two generals.
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Rune Wars Saga.
Chapter 3

It didn't take long for the two elven generals came running into the throne room side by side. Both of them where elderly Elves their hair having turned towards the silver grey of old age.

They bowed low when the saw their queen standing there. Oberon stood up again and saw Korgath standing next to his queen and gave a crooked little smile. "My Queen you called for us" Oberon said as he looked Queen Illiana.

"Yes I did my generals. Lord Korgath has just told me some disturbing news." she crossed her legs after rearraging her dress. "Lord Korgath would you please be so kind to tell these good sirs what you told me."

Lord Korgath bowed to the two generals "With grave news I inform you that there is a large army of Orcs being pushed by a force of Rune Warriors set to invaded your lands."

He cleared his throught as he continued. "They will be at the outer reaches of your lands in twenty four hours." Korgath shook his head "King Lotor has already engaged a host of them at the city of Parian."

Fergon looked at Korgath his mind already jumping ahead to logistics for the up coming battle. "How many of them, how many Orcs?" Fergon asked his voice held at a steady tone.

"I saw hundreds of thousands of Orcs. From the looks of it they dragged Orc they could find and sent them at you." Korgath said as he sat back down in the chair. "But for Rune Warriors only five to six thousand."

Oberon's jaw dropped "You said Hundreds of thousands!?" he shook his head and walked over to a servent and whispered something in his ear. The servent bowed and left the room on whatever errand Oberon had sent him on.

Oberon turned around and walked back over to the queen. "My Queen the army is being summoned and the Soluri will be ready to arrive at the border tonight. The Astari will follow up later on tommorrow." He bowed low to Queen Illiana.

Illiana knodded "Good, How many are going to be able to get their before the arrive?" she asked gravly.

"Seventy thousand Soluri warriors will be at the border before the sun rises tommorrow. As for the Astari they number a hundred thousand and will be there after the battle is joined." Oberon said with a slight bow to the queen.

Fergon shook his head and sighed. "Atleast they will be well feed and armed. The city of Dunnmorrow is right there at the border of the Dark Woods"

"We could trap them between the River and the Mountain outside Dunnmorrow then retreat back into the woods." Oberon said "The timming would have to be immpecible though."

Korgath lifted his head and cleared his throught again. "There is another thing. King Lotor is in a desperate position, his morale is low and his troops are starving. He can't push them out of the city without help. He can't send any aide because i was sent to ask aide of you."

Korgath knodded his head and closed his eyes. He passed out from sheer exhaustion from his wild ride to the dark woods.

Queen Illiana chuckled to herself as she looked at Korgath passed out in the chair. "My Lords shall we take this exhuasted warrior to his room" she said as she took off his boots and sword belt.

The two generals smiled and picked Korgath up carrying him to his room.

Meanwhile outside the city of Parian prepared to assualt the walls of Parian. Lotors army let a tremendous roar before charging across the open field to the walls of Parian. A flight of arrows came from behind Lotor's lines and fell along the walls of Parian. The stream of arrows kept up preventing the Rune Warriors to shoot at Lotors men.

Within moments the forces of Lotor slamed into the walls of Parian and scalling ladders fell against the walls. Soon people where rushing up the ladders onto the walls.

The sounds of men screaming and steel striking steel soon drifted threw the air.

As soon as Lotor's men gained a foothold on the wall units of men lept from the walls and went racing into the city to cause as much damage as possible.

The battle went on for awhile Lotor's men where actually pushing the Rune Warriors off the walls when a haunting melody floated threw the air. King Lotor's men started to feel drowzy and soon started to fall asleep where they stood.

The Rune Warriors surged back up the walls and started slaughtering the men who had passed out. Thousands died as they started slaughtering the helpless Lotorians.

Soon the Rune Warriors opened the gates and came surging out of the city and fell amongst the remainder of Lotors forces. The fight soon broked down into a mass melee as the Rune warriors slammed into the startled Lotorians.

Lotor and his Dukes locked their shields and stood around the battle standard defending it from the Rune Warriors. Pretty soon all that was left was Lotor and his dukes sourronded by Rune Warriors. It didn't take much time before the Rune Warriors threw themselves at the King and his dukes.

Lotor blocked a sword thrust with his shield before turning and stabing the weilder threw the eye kicking it off his sword as it fell dead to the ground. Another Rune Warrior knocked the duke of Hothbra over and slid a spear threw his open mouth. King Lotor reached over and stabed the spear weilder in the side.

The Duke of Silvest reached over Lotor and blocked a sword swing as Lotor slaped a spear away with his shield before skewiring a Rune warrior with his sword.

The Spearweilder slammed his spear into the Duke of Silvest stomach before slamming into Lotor with his shield knocking Lotor off his feet. Another Rune warrior ran up and stabbed the Duke of Silvest in his eye before he could regain his feet.

Lotor rolled over and choped the leg of the spear weilder off. As he stood up the Rune warrior who had killed the Duke of Silvest ran up and slid his sword into King Lotor's neck.

King Lotor spit out blood as he swung his sword with the last of his strength gutting the Rune Warrior. They both fell to the ground and died. Within minutes the Lord of Dransik where dead. The Rune Warriors let out a great shout as they surveyed the battlefield.

At the Time of the Battle, Lord Talazar and his men where just getting ready to leave the little Hamlet of Yervon. Marlion had just made certain that Talazar and his men had plenty of supplies to get back to Lotor and his forces.

They marched back to the army in good spirits there job done and the supply route protected once again. Hours passed before Talazar and his men reached the battlefeild.

Stoping Talazar and his men stared in awe at the sight of their country men rotting in the sun. More of there country men where dead then Rune Warriors. The shock was almost to much and some of the men puked where they stood.

"Lord Isos how could you let this happen.." Talazar said as he surveyed the field.

"My Lord" one of Talazar's men said as he walked up to him. "We can't stay here we need to retreat to the castle and tell them what happened."

"You are right. But we are not going to leave here without the body of our King." Talazar said as he ordered the men to search for the body. As nightfall came over the battlefield they still hadn't found King Lotor's body.

They retreated to the woods and set up a fireless camp.

"The Rune Warriors must have taken our kings body back into the city with them. I'm taking volunters to sneak into the city and retrive the body" Talazar said as he stood amongst his men.

Every body voluntered immediatly and Talazar smiled at his mens courage. "Then tommorrow we show them what happens to those who kill our countrymen." Talazar said his voice rising to a near shout.

A muffled chear broke out from the men before they settled down for the night. Most of them tried to sleep but they where thinking about all the things they had left un-done. Talazar paced the camp his thoughts on revenge and dark things.

The next morning Talazar and his men snuck up to the walls and hid under it's shadows. As soon as the patrol passed them by they snuck down to the river and waded out into the middle.

Soon the only thing above water was there noses as they swam under the city walls. When they where on the inside they broke up into groups of six or seven and went into different parts of the camp. The largest group lead by Talazar went towards the command center.

Silently they snuck in amongst the tents and started assinating the Rune Warrior Generals.

Eventually they found the kings body laid out next to the dukes. Talazar reached down and picked up King Lotor's body before throwing it on his shoulders. Silently he told his men with signals to pick up the dukes bodies.

They carried the bodies back to the river when the alarm sounded. Two men took the bodies out into the woods will Talazar and the rest turned and swam back into the city to help their brethern escape.

As they re-entered the city Talazar saw fifteen of his men in a running fight with Rune Warriors. Talazar gave a shout and charged into the Rune warriors his men right behind him.

They slammed into the chasing Rune Warriors, Talazar leaping into the first one he met and slid his sword up to the hilt in it's face. He ducked under the swung of another one and sliced open it's stomach.

A spear weilder thrust a spear at Talazar who steped to the side and grabed the spear stabing the owner in the eye with his sword. Talazar picked up the spear and slammed it completly threw the next Rune Warrior in line.

After a matter of second the Rune Warriors around them where dead and another large group was racing at them. Talazar and his men turned and fleed into the river heading out of the town as quick as possible.

They meet up with the two guarding the bodies and fleed to the hamlet of Yervon.

Five hours later Talazar say in Marlion's house "We are heading to Varg to warn them. I wouldn't stay here Marlion, take your family and flee. These people will kill you all and put your heads on pikes." Talazar said as he took a drink of wine.

"My Lord we are just simple villagers we arnt going to fight them. We where kind of hoping we could travel with you to Varg." Marlion said as he slid his chair back to stand up. "We will be ready to leave tommorrow morning."

"You are welcomed to travel with us Marlion, We leave before the crack of dawn tommorrow." Talazar said as he stood up "I will be amongst my men, see you in the morning."

That night on the other side of the world the Soluri arrived at the edge of the Dark Woods and prepared to fight the Rune Warriors.
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