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 Huklebuc's AE Life

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PostSubject: Huklebuc's AE Life   Huklebuc's AE Life EmptyWed Mar 26, 2008 7:18 pm

I created the character Huklebuc that you all know about 5 years ago, when the game was called Dransik. I had created this character before then, but ended up deleting him, taking a short break, then recreating him again. I wont get too much into the beginning, since I vaguely remember that far back. I'll start around the time I was about lvl 40 or so on the Primordia server. I can remember a few details of that time.

So, being that I was on the P server(PvP), I of course enjoyed doing a lot of PvP'ing. I was part of many guilds. Some that favored lots of PK'ing and some that didnt. I cant really remember all of the guilds I joined back then, but I'll give it a shot. One of the first guilds I joined was Tyr. Then I joined guilds 'C', 'R', and -NH-. I also created a few guilds like TKO and cKy. Theres more guilds than that, but I cant remember everything from back then.

I experienced a lot of things in my time in AE. Many that have only happened 1 time. So if you werent there to experience it, then you were out of luck. Some were epic events and others were just special things DEV's or GM's did that were pretty unlikely to happen. I also played through the era's in AE(Dransik) that threatened the game. Such as when Asylum Soft(spelling?) sold the game to TKO. Who in return, almost ruined the game completely.This is when the name of the game was changed from "Dransik" to "Ashen Empires". The changing of the game name caused a very big riot among the player base. Around the same time that this happened, the "Fozzie" update was implemented. This update added lots of good things, but also made a pretty bad impact on the game itself. There was a couple other updates that came in around this time too, but I cant remember the names of them.

Right when all seemed lost for the game, because of TKO's neglect to keep it running, the game was bought by the owners of today, IWG. This is when the game experienced a major overhall. Such as the new graphic update that changed PPD and nearly all ingame looks. And the servers were all merged into the 2 servers we know today, Hero's and Legend's.

After the servers merged, I stayed on the H server for awhile because I didnt want to leave the friends Ive known for so long or the PvP I enjoyed. But the enjoyment I had for PvP was quickly lost because of the overpopulated server and outrageous amount of abuse and ridicule. So, thats when I switched servers and went to L. This is when my time in the Lords of Dransik began.

Soon after I switched servers, Dragonmaster approached me in Chlera and asked if I would like to join a reviving guild. So, as you can obviously see, I said yes. LoD was a very small guild back then, but it grew rather fast while more and more people chose the server they wanted to be part of. Shortly after the "Giants Finger" update came, my position in LoD changed. I was asked to help lead the guild. What was supposed to be only a temporary leadership, turned into a permanent one.

So, since that time long ago, I have been here in LoD. I have witnessed good and bad times here, as like every other guild. I have met tons of interesting people. Some have stayed and some have gone.

Well, there you go. My somewhat short history of my time in AE/Dransik.

LoD and its members have made such an impact on me, that I will, and this is a promise, NEVER leave LoD. So, I thank all of you for the fun times I've had in LoD and I hope they will continue for a long time.


"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing."
-Edmund Burke
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Huklebuc's AE Life
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